Hydrofoil course in kitesurfing

200 € per person - mínimo 2 hs

Hydrofoil, the new trend in kiteboarding has also arrived to us. Daniel was the first to bring “foiling” to our area about 3 years ago, and it was immediately very well received by many; more now that it’s about to become an Olympic sport.
Due to the perfect conditions for foiling in our bay, such as the daily breeze that blows very constantly at noon, this spot is ideal for learning and practicing foiling.
In our “Foiling” course we make it as easy as possible for you. That’s why most people learn how to cruise within the first 2-4 hours.

The course takes place, after a 15 minute preparation time on the beach, in the bay further out with boat escort, where we take you there and stay with you.</span>

    What other highlights await me?
  • Payable even after completion of the course
  • A teacher with specialist knowledge is at your disposal
  • We accompany you by boat into deeper waters
  • Equipment can be brought or rented
As soon as you drive back and forth on your own, you should continue practicing on your own to consolidate what you have learned.

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Please bring:
bathing clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, drinking water, own material if available

Please note:
Essential for this course is the perfect control of the kite.
The starting times may vary depending on the wind. We kindly ask you to contact us by telephone at short notice. Telephone Daniel +34 696 264 729.

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