Pictures from kitesurfing in Mallorca. You can see many of our stundents and friends here.


Daniel on the way to the water

beach life

Kites on the beach and in the air


Daniel with a student ready for his first ride

Daniel with Marie

Marie started kitesurfing with us being only 6 years old

Chill out

Getting quiet when the kitesurfers leave in the evening


Eli concentrating on her ride


Enjoying the sun on the kite beach


Gerhard always with a smile


Our instructor Carlos taking a break on the beach


A student getting ready for his next lession


Perfect conditions for kitesurfing!

Liquid Force Envy

Packing together the Liquid Force Envy at the end of the day

Buddy System

Learning the basic kite conrol in the buddy system

Uli 1.

For your safety there is always our rescue boat on site


An old fort with a lighthouse is watching over the bay from Port de Pollenca

Pump up

First thing to do - pump up the kite!

The art of sewing

High quality seams hold the kite together


Gerhard observing the wind and weather


Daniel giving some theoretical explanations on the beach

Kite relaunch

When the kite falls into the water it can easily be relaunched


Tee better the kites are packed the more fit in the car!


Light wind kitesurfing with a big board called door

Launch assistance

Daniel helping to launch a kite on the beach

Bar control

A kitesurfer easily controlling the kite with the bar


Daniel tanned from the daily sun


Beginners have a lot of questions...

small talk

There is a lot to chat before and after a kite session!

Kite control

First instructions how to steer a kite

Holding a kite

Kitesurfer safely carrying a kite

Kite relaunch

Students learning how to relaunch a kite

Parked kites

Kites lined up and ready to go!

Watching the kite

Beginners look a lot to the kite - sun glasses are a must have!

Light wind session

Light wind requires a lot of feeling...

Thumbs up

Thumbs up signalling to launch the kite


Daniel with a big smile in his face

Rescue boat

Safety first - the rescue boat is always ready

Body dragging

Body dragging - the second step in the kite course

Gerhard & Daniel

Gerhard and Daniel on a ride with the recue boat

Getting ready

After the lessions the instructors may go kitesurfing...

Kite launch

Launching the kite safely practised in the water

Gerhard and Daniel talking about the next kitesurfing lessons to do

Daniel riding very smooth a wave on a kiteboard

A mom observing the kitesurfing lessons his son is getting from the teacher

Daniel unhooked into blind

Daniel jumping an unhooked turn into blind by kiteboarding on Mallorca

Gerhard supervising a couple of students doing bodydrag

Daniel and Eli happy with this beautifull kitesurfing day

Eli shredding the waves in the Bay of Pollensa

One of our teachers enjoying the fun will kitesurfing

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